Thursday, May 25, 2017

Tonalism Lesson 1 Part 1 Let's look at a Tonalist painting in terms of Composition

Before I have you try making a Tonalist painting,
 I would like to help you learn 
how to analyze the composition in a Tonalist painting.

This seems like a simple painting in its elegance....but is it?

When I perused this composition I began seeing a pattern.

If you answer all questions you can earn 12 points or chances to win.

To answer the questions you will need to access a computer.

A Chance to Win A Painting Workshop Weekend with Artist Instructor Judith Reidy

This sounds like fun too.
Win Weekend Painting Workshop 
 artist, instructor
 Judith Reidy.

I  am creating an educational blog this summer. 

 It will be providing ideas and instruction in 
 painting and drawing technique as well as Art History

 Each post
 will have either
 a practice painting,
 a series of questions, 
or opportunities to comment from each post.

Guidelines for Winning
  1. Follow this Blog 
  2. Chances earned for each response vary according to the clearly posted level of difficulty. from 1 to 15 ( 15 being the highest)
  3. The minimum requirement to be entered to win is 30 points.
  4. Extra Credit chances can be earned by class attendance in day or evening classes.
  5. Last day of August, Winner will be announced.

For me it will be great fun to spend the weekend sharing with another artist with whom I have had the opportunity to develop an in depth conversation about art over the summer on our blog. Together this summer we will cover such topics as ....
 Tonalist Painting, 
 Impressionistic Paint of Light,
 Thumbnail Sketches,
 Plein Air Painting,
 Developing Purpose,
 Perspective Drawing,
Colors Mixing and Vibration
 preparing to draw people
  the value of still life drawing and painting
and many more topics. 

Join in the conversation and WIN,

We are starting Today.   With the first lesson.....
Tonalism Lesson 1  Part 1 Let's look at a Tonalist painting in terms of Composition

Judith Reidy

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Exciting Summer Ahead for Learning to Paint

As you know the spring is coming to a close as May has arrived, the flowers are blossoming and the leaves are peaking out of the branches.

This past season in my art classes I have developed a new series of classes
designed to train an aspiring artist to become an astute draftsman ready to begin composing ones own paintings.  As one of my students would orchestrate a composition rather than slavishly copy a photograph or a scene in Plein Air.
For those students who have chosen to follow my instruction in doing the preliminary practice of sketching and planning their values and shapes in their composition before they begin painting,  it has been exciting to see how students have grown.

Key Factors to Growth
1.) Training to observe CAREFULLY
Start slowly, observe, ALWAYS check and recheck
2.) Think composition......first consider  the value pattern and shapes you design more than the "objects"......  consciously  creating  interesting and powerful compositions.
 To improve the composition of your given source material sometimes alter what you  have carefully observed.

This summer I plan on offering some plein air painting instruction utilizing the sketching principles we worked on developing this past year.

After looking at values in drawing and working on a the problems of drawing a still life from life.  Jeff  attempted his first still life in acrylic paint on his own.
Careful observation of shape, value combined with conscious awareness of the composition of light and dark pattern over the entire canvas including both positive and negative space here demonstrates how careful observation and thoughtful composing of light and dark pattern structures a beautiful painting.
I have two suggestions for Jeff.  One is regard to the cloth texture.  In acrylic it can be very challenging to create smooth blending.  A Golden or Liquitex blending medium can be very helpful to slow drying time and allow for smoother transitions in the folds. That said without using the medium Jeff did an amazing job working at getting at smooth folds, even without blending medium. 
Secondly look at lost edges.  Especially the middle pear.  I receding edge should be softened as in the the case of the shadowed underside of the pear. Also the cloth edges in the rear could be softened to suggest that they recede behind the pears in space.

For a first still life however, this is a great beginning to be proud of in every way.  You said you worked on this first still life for 10 hours.  Something you should know about Jeff is that he was an Olympic Speed Skater and now trains Olympic Speed Skaters.  If he applies the same disciplined training that took him to the Olympics to painting he will be an accomplished painter before he knows it.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Monday, January 30, 2017

Judith Reidy's Painting and Drawing Classes for the week

This is your opportunity for an extra class to finish your painting.  I want to encourage you also to use this class time as a make up class so that you can use up you 4 or 8 class packs within the allotted 5 or 10 week period.   Remember any student who can find two or more students can set up a floating class period with me once I confirm the time.  

Remember this Wednesday's regular class begins at 12:30 pm!

Happy Painting and Drawing,

Judith Reidy

5121 S 84th St

Greendale, WI 53129

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Judith Reidy's Students Plan a Floating Painting Class for Friday 10:00 AM

Judith Reidy's Students Plan a Floating Painting Class Friday 10:00 AM

You are welcome to come to
A Painting Class 
Friday, January 27,2017 
10:00 AM
Judith's Glass and Painting Studio
 5121 South 115th Street
Greendale, WI 53130

Please let me know if you are coming as space is limited.

My latest painting in progress.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

This week's painting Classes

This week's painting Classes

-Floater class today Tuesday, Jan.24 12:30-2:30 pm

-Wed., Jan 25, regular class 
12:30-2:30 pm

Possible floater class Friday TBD

Judith Reidy's Painting and Glass studio
5121 S 84th St Greendale, WI 53129